AssignmentLegal transfer of a claim to a new creditor
AgioPremium, surcharge on the nominal issue price of a limited partner’s share
AktGStock Corporation Act
Distribution/paymentDistribution of liquid funds pro rata to investors. Under commercial and tax law, these are withdrawals or profit distributions.
Bad BankA ring-fenced credit institution used to isolate derivatives and securities from issuers looking to deal with a difficult financial situation and to segregate so-called distressed banks in need of credit restructuring.
BaFinFederal Financial Supervisory Authority
BFHFederal Fiscal Court in Munich, the court of last resort over tax and customs matters
BGBGerman Civil Code
BGHFederal Court of Justice
BMFFederal Ministry of Finance in Berlin
BVerfGFederal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe
Cash flowAn economic measure that represents the net inflow of cash and cash equivalents generated from sales and other operating activities over a defined period.
Direct limited partnerA limited partner who participates in a company directly via the commercial register and not via a trustee.
Due diligenceDetailed analysis, review and evaluation of an asset or company to be acquired or sold.
EquityFinancial resources belonging to the owners (e.g. shareholders)
ErbStGInheritance Tax Act
EStGIncome Tax Act
CJEUCourt of Justice of the European Union
ECBEuropean Central Bank
Debt financingFinancial resources made available by third parties over a specified period of time, e.g. loans from banks.
FungibilityTradability. In the case of fund companies, the possibility of selling and transferring limited partnership shares.
GewStGTrade Tax Act
GmbHLimited company
GmbH & Co. KGSpecial type of limited partnership (KG) governed by the German Commercial Code (HGB). The liable partner is not a natural person, but a limited company (legal entity).
GmbHGLimited Company Act
HGBGerman Commercial Code
HRCommercial register
Insolvency dividendPercentage of the total liabilities that can be settled from a final surplus when the insolvency proceedings are concluded.
KGLimited partnership
Limited partnerLimited partner is the term for a partner in a limited partnership (KG). In comparison to a general partner, the limited partner is liable to the company’s creditors for the amount of the share capital entered in the commercial register.
General partnerThe general partner is a member of a business partnership who has unlimited personal liability for debts incurred by the business.
Nominal capitalThe total share capital of a company. In a limited liability company (GmbH), the nominal capital is referred to as share capital.
Non-Performing Loans (NPL's)The term refers to bank credit requirements that are no longer serviced by debtors.
p.a.Per annum (per year)
RALegal representative, e.g. lawyer, solicitor, attorney
RDGAct on Out-of-Court Legal Services
UStGGerman Value Added Tax Act