Goals: We share a common goal.

Together with our employees, we have a deep understanding of the company’s goals and the specific goals for each sub-department. We ensure that all of our employees understand how their area of responsibility contributes to achieving these goals. We set realistic, transparent and individual goals for our employees. We are all committed to achieving these goals, and monitor our progress towards them at all times. We make consequences transparent from the outset.  

Motivation: Every single colleague is important.

We respond individually to our employees, recognise their achievements, and value and praise them. It almost goes without saying that we support our employees according to their potential. We give our employees room to act on their own initiative.

Communication: Our leadership is based on effective communication.

We do everything we can to ensure clear, factual, open and respectful communication. Mutual understanding is important to us. We keep each other informed, think ahead, actively support and solve conflicts together. We provide and demand feedback – in both positive and critical situations.

Togetherness: Everything we do is based on cooperation.

As parts of a greater whole, every employee makes a valuable contribution. We actively promote cooperative, constructive and respectful interaction. Cooperation and mutual support, even outside our own areas of responsibility, are absolutely essential for us. We create a trusting environment and stand shoulder to shoulder with our employees at all times.

Trust: Our word is our bond.

We like to make decisions. We involve our employees in our decisions and embrace their suggestions. Our decisions are transparent and always made in the best interests of the company. We are guided by this, and expect the same from our employees. The agreements we make with our employees and with each other are equally binding.

Quality: We ensure quality.

Together with our employees, we know and respect the scope of our mandates and areas of responsibility. We use consistent and transparent processes to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Every single one of us takes responsibility for meeting deadlines. We view change as an opportunity, we support innovation, and we encourage new thinking.