Initial public offering on 09.09.2006.

At the close of trading on 03.01.2012 the listing of IC Immobilien Holding AG's shares on the open market (second Quotation Board) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) was discontinued at the request of the lead broker / listing partner without the prior knowledge of IC Immobilien Holding AG. At the same time, trading was automatically discontinued on the XETRA trading platform.

In accordance with regulations for open market trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the listing and delisting of securities on the Second Quotation Board can be carried out without notice and without the issuer's consent. Due to the changes in IC Immobilien Holding AG's trading circumstances the company waived its right to a designated sponsor and coverage by a research partner as of that date.

The listing of the stock on the stock exchanges  in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin has been completed.


Key data at a glance

BrancheReal estate services
WKN563 216
ISINDE 000 5632160
Number of shares3,011,664


IC Immobilien Holding GmbH
Hanauer Landstrasse 293
60314 Frankfurt

Kerstin Valdeig
Management Assistant
Head of PR, Marketing & Communication

phone  +49 69 767 258-280
telefax +49 69 767 258-210


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