We take sustainability aspects into account throughout the entire life cycle of every property – from planning, construction, use, and modernisation, all the way through to potential demolition. Sustainable real estate management means minimising every property’s impact on the environment and the consumption of resources.

As a full-service provider, we have made it our mission to promote sustainability in real estate management, and have already implemented a wide range of projects to improve the sustainability of the properties we manage.

CO2 Smart Screening Tool IC Immobilien Gruppe

In order to meet the constantly expanding and ever-more diverse range of ESG requirements, you can have your property’s current greenhouse gas emissions evaluated, together with a forecast of emissions in the years up to 2050 and proposals for decarbonisation measures with the help of IC Immobilien’s CO2 Smart Screening Tool.

With the help of our Smart Screening Tool, we can identify the most appropriate emissions reduction measures based on the evaluated data and help you to achieve and drive your annual decarbonisation targets.